PICOS-ProductionControl is a program to log order-related processes, especially in production, but also for other actions, such as ordering profiles, glass, fittings, etc.

PICOS-ProductionControl has access to the order data generated by PICOS-FTF in the central object database

  • Employees working in process planning can enter information on orders/deliveries
  • Employees working in production can enter activities carried out - with possible comments
  • The production management or management has access to the progress of orders with proportional costs
  • Technical features such as weight, required amount of powder when coating is done by yourself, maximum element or wing sizes can be retrieved for information
  • The list of orders can be filtered and sorted according to various criteria, whereby the corresponding totals (hours, weight, wing, surface, etc.) are always determined and displayed for all displayed orders
  • The input and check boxes in the order data sheet are freely definable, so that all company-specific conditions can be mapped
  • Having an overview of all active orders is a prerequisite for high quality in order processing and thus also for economical production control.
Tracking delivery dates is a very important point, especially for dealer-oriented production with many orders.

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