WibuKey Runtime 6.11


Installation of the runtime module version 6.11 for the use of the program protection dongle of WibuKey.

The installation program WkRuntime.exe recognizes automatically the 32 bit or the 64 bit system.

N.B. Please note that on local use the WibuKey USB dongle must be plugged in after the WibuKey runtime installation, in order to be recognized by your Windows OS and - after automatic installation of the according hardware drivers - to be used.

For installation you need local Windows administrator privileges. You can - under Windows XP - start the WkRuntime.exe as another user with administrator privileges, to avoid a new login to Windows, if you don't have administrator privileges in the active session. Under Windows Vista, W7 and W8 you will be promted for an administrator account (with password!), to continue the installation



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