New Website


PICOS has newly developed its Website with a modern design, without modification of the main structure, in order to allow you to find all known functions at once.

Specially the speed of the page reproduction has been enormously accelerated - no more unnecessary waiting times.

After login you will find on the home page the newest Entries to these categories:

  • News - Actual news concerning PICOS, its products and presentations
  • Downloads - Actual downloads for setups of new program versions and documents
  • Change Logs - Actual modification protokoll to applications and master data
  • FAQs - Actual frequently asked questions - and the corresponding answers

matching your user profile.

The selection of another language has been moved to the lower page margin, as well as the different points to the legal notices (Imprint, terms of use, privacy statement).

Under the menu item Support, Remote Assistance has been provided a link to the TeamViewer-Quick-Support in addition to the PICOS own remote assistance, so we can help you quickly even if PICOS-FTF should not be able to be launched.

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